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Tyler Fences is a premier Fence Contractor. We provide residential and commercial folks of Tyler professional fence installations. Decades of building fences has taught us to build fences out of the best materials with the best craftsmanship. Our equipment and experience allow us to take on any job size. Tyler Fences has an exceptional reputation for fence installations and fence repairs. We have long lasting relationships with our suppliers. This insures that we have the supply of quality materials that we need when we need them.

There are plenty of reasons that a homeowner or business owner might need Tyler fence contractors. We are experts in our business and can suggest the right fence for your needs. If you only need a new gate, call us. Need someone to fence in your 3 acre backyard, call us. We will figure out what type of fence solves your problem and fits your budget. There is one very important thing that WE WILL NOT DO….. That is buy cheap materials to save a buck. Tyler Fences has been doing this long enough that we can figure out a solution for you while building you a quality fence.

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Tyler Fences is a leader in residential fencing and commercial fencing. We have plenty of options for your family or business and you will nothing but satisfied with our work.

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There are two main types of wood used for wood fences and both have their own great qualities. Treated Pine is most often used when the budget is a concern. Pine can be as much as 40% less money than cedar but does have a tendency to warp as it dries out. The best way to keep your pine fence looking great is to build it with 3 or more rails. This will reduce the chances of the pine twisting and bowing and make for a much stronger fence.

Western Red Cedar is a great option for privacy wood fences. We love Cedar because it is a stable wood fence material. Cedar does not warp, shrink or check. Cedar wood fences tend to last longer than pressure treated pine fences… They could last 30 years or more and will stay straight!

Picket Fence

Tyler Picket Fence

Picket fences are a decorative type of fence. This style of fencing has been around for hundreds of years. The White Picket Fence became popular symbolizing the ideal middle-class suburban life. This fence style is usually 36″ – 48″ tall. The Pickets are vertical and pointed on top, and spaced so you can see through them. They make great fences in your front and back yard. This style wood fence will keep your children and pets safe in the yard and still allow you to see out of the yard. 

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fences in Tyler, Texas

A Chain Link Fence might be the most affordable option when building a fence. Chain Link Fences add safety and value to your home or business. The standard for chain link fences is galvanized steel. It is rust and corrosion-resistant. Chain Link fences are pretty simple for us to install. Often times we can put up a fence less than 150′ in less than a day.

The cost for a Chain Link Fence installation depends on the height of fence you select, and the features you select. You can choose options like Galvanized or powder-coated finish. Typically powder coated is a few dollars more per linear foot.

Privacy Fence

Tyler Fences is a family owned business that treat every customer like family. We offer superior quality fences at competitive prices. Don’t overpay for lower quality fences. Tyler Fences won’t cut corners and do the job wrong like other fencing companies. Tyler Fences has your back and privacy. We take pride in doing the job right every time. Our work speaks for itself. Our fence specialists can offer ideas on how to optimize your privacy for your individual property. So if your tired of nosy neighbors or loud noise, call Tyler Fences now to get your privacy and oasis today at (903) 229-9255.

Tyler Fences offers a way to provide seclusion from those snooping neighbors and reduce noise from outside your fence to give you a more peaceful home. Besides the desired privacy and sound reduction, the kids and animals stay contained and safe. No one wants to find out their dog escaped from their yard while they were at work. You don’t have to worry about that happening with Tyler Fences. Our quality fences keep your children and pets safe inside the fence while protecting them from unwanted intruders. A privacy fence is a fence made out of different materials most commonly wood or vinyl that is 4 to 6 feet tall. There’s no need to spending time looking for fence companies near me. Tyler Fences have you fenced the right way with quality fences. Our family-owned fencing company offers various types of fences to meet your residential or commercial fencing needs. A traditional privacy fence will have a solid infill to maximize your privacy. This ensures your cedar fence won’t have large gaps in between the slats.

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Fence Company Tyler TX

With so many types of fences out there, our fence company can create the perfect privacy fence for you with many different styles and variations to choose from to include: cedar fence, wood fence, composite fence, vinyl fence, metal fence, brick, and picket fence material. Since every house deserves an individual look to complement it, so does your fence. After choosing the material of your fence, you have the opportunity to choose from various colors and textures as well. With so many options out there, we can help find the right materials for your backyard. Privacy fences give you the security you need to help protect you and your property. The purchase of a privacy fence is an investment and offers the benefit of increasing the value of your home. Our fencing company even offers the option of wood staining to increase the lifetime of your residential wood fencing. Why not increase the value of your property, add privacy, and security? Tyler Fences offer superior quality, years of experience, and flexible scheduling. Call our fencing specialists today for an estimate or fencing repair (903) 229-9255.

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