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Tyler Fences offers a way to provide privacy from those nosy neighbors and cut down on the noise from outside your property to give you a more peaceful home. Not only are you getting privacy and a quieter home, a privacy fence offers more seclusion in your backyard. It keeps kids safe and contains pets in one space, while keeping other animals out. A privacy fence does all of that with a 4 to 6 feet tall wood fence. There’s no need to search for fence companies near me. Tyler Fences have you covered. We offer so many types of fences to meet your residential or commercial fencing needs. A typical privacy fence should have a solid infill to maximize your privacy. This means your cedar fence won’t have large gaps in between the slats. Our fence company can create your privacy fence out of many types of fences out there with many different styles and variations to include: cedar fence, wood fence, composite fence, vinyl fence, metal fence, brick, and picket fence material. In addition to choosing the material of your fence, you have various colors and textures to choose from. With so many choices out there, we can help find the right materials for your home. Privacy fences give you the security you need to help protect your property and increase the value of your home. You have the option of wood staining to increase the lifetime of your residential wood fencing. Call Tyler Fences now to get your security today at (903) 229-9255.

Tyler Privacy Fence

Benefits of a privacy fence

  • Shelter – Outdoor privacy fences protect your garden, animals, and children from the wind and provide some shade from the sun depending on the time of day.
  • Decoration – A stained fence enhances the natural beauty of the wood and painting fences adds style and color to your backyard.
  • Protection – A privacy fence prevents unwanted guests on your property- humans, and animals.
  • Maintenance – A wooden fence requires little maintenance by staining or a couple of coats of varnish to protect from the elements.
  • Noise – A picket fence reduces the sounds from noisy neighbors or nearby construction going on in the neighborhood. Privacy fences are a sound barrier reducing unwanted noise out of your property to create a relaxing oasis.

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Wood fencing has a traditional look. A wooden fence tends to be the most common and cost-effective type of privacy fence. Our fence company can stain this type of material to bring out the natural beauty. These privacy fence ideas will extend the life of your fence installation. This is a great choice to create a boundary for children and pets.

The two basic types of panels are solid panels and shadowbox panels. The solid panel fences on one side show the faces of the pickets on one side and the rails on the other. This type of panel is excellent for hiding unattractive areas like a roadway or ditch. Unlike the solid panels, the shadowbox panels give the same appearance on both sides alternating rail and picket view. The benefit of this panel is to allow air circulation and allow partial views.

Picket Fences are great for children and pet containment. They add a decorative element and have space boards running along one side of the fence rail. They are available with dog-eared tops or pointed tops in various styles and colors to choose from.

Vinyl Fencing is a low maintenance option that requires occasional rinsing and looks similar to the wood fence. The benefit of this type of privacy fence is that it does not decay or fade with time. They have choices of solid panels and shadowbox panels as well. Solid panels create a privacy fence and isolate boundaries great for pets and children. The shadowbox panels create partial view and air circulation.

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There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of your privacy fence. Cost of materials, length of fence, labor, and other upgrades determine the cost of a fence installation. According to Home Advisor, national estimates for installing a wooden fence range from $1,698 to $3,986, while vinyl fences are on the more expensive end with about $15 to $17 per linear foot compared to $9 to $12 wood fences. Call Tyler Fences now to get your superior privacy today at (903) 229-9255.

Things to Consider before Installing a Privacy Fence

Property lines – It’s important to determine your property lines and discuss plans with your neighbors adjacent to your fence lines as common courtesy or opportunity for your neighbor to be included and split cost.

Residential Fence – Check homeowners association (HOA) or check guidelines to ensure the fence style, size, and placement follows their rules.

Commercial fence – Contact your local building inspector to get building permit.

Utility companies – Call local utility companies to ensure the fence posts placed 2 feet into the ground don’t damage buried utility lines.

Stop overpaying for lower quality fences. Tyler Fences has your back and can offer ideas on how to optimize your privacy for your individual property. We are a family owned and operated company that treats every customer like family. We offer superior quality, years of experience, and flexible scheduling. Call our fencing specialists today for a privacy fence estimate or privacy fence installation (903) 229-9255.

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