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Wood fences are the most practical and economical choice for homeowners and businesses wanting privacy and protection. Residential fencing can add appeal and increase the value of your home. That can be an advantage when you are ready to sell your home. Residential wood fences and gates can also help contain your children and pets. They keep them safe while keeping intruders out making your property even safer. Tyler Fences can install a wood fence in Tyler, TX or surrounding area for you. We build our fences with wood fence prices that are competitive. We have years of experience and extensive knowledge in building and repairing fences. Trust Tyler Fences as your local fence company. We build durable long lasting fences that will compliment your home.

When it comes to your property, you may prefer wood over vinyl or aluminum. Wood is more aesthetically pleasing, so tends to be the most popular fence chosen. However, not all wood is created the same, so it’s important to know the difference to get the type that suits your needs. There are two highly desired types of wood people use in Texas, treated pine fence and cedar fence. Tyler Fences has them both and can help determine which one you need. If you need help deciding, give us a call at (903) 229-9255.

Tyler Wood Fences

Cedar Fences – Cedar fences are a popular choice for fences, because they deter insects with their natural oils. Cedar fence contains aromatic oils and chemicals that prevents insects from coming near it. More important, Cedar fences are rot-resistant. Cedar fence pickets are naturally durable, non-toxic, and doesn’t require chemical treatments to provide a durable fence without warping, shrinking, or splintering. This type of fence will last longer than other wood types. Cedar fencing lasts between 15 to 25 years.

Treated Pine Fence – Pine fences are a great choice for affordability and comes at about thirty percent less cost than cedar. It comes with a pressure treatment that increases the life span of pine to 7 to 15 years. If you are on a budget, treated pine fences are the way to go.

Wood Fence Styles

Tyler wood Fences

Typical wood fencing is 6′ to 8’6″  tall. Your home owner association will set regulations on sizing and colors of fencing. There are many styles for residential wood fencing or commercial wood fencing to choose from ranging from nostalgic white picket fences to protective privacy fences. We can install fences that still allow partial views or complete privacy for your yards. Privacy fences will give your home style, security, and safety it needs. Wooden fences have many decorative options to enhance your yard and your privacy. Tyler Fences build custom wood fences that will bring envy of your neighbors. We have affordable options for multi-use backyards to include gardening, recreational space, or pools.

Regardless whether you want residential fencing to keep your family safe or to provide more privacy, wood fences will add longevity, value, and appeal to your homes. Don’t let the wrong person install your fence. Doing the job correctly will affect the life and maintenance of your investment. Request a wood fence quote now in Tyler or surrounding areas at (903) 229-9255.

Wood Fences Tyler TX

Wood Fence installation in Tyler and surrounding areas has been our specialty for over 15 years. We will take our time discussing your fencing needs. Our years of experience will help you decide on the best fence design. We build fences with the best materials to for a strong fence that lasts. If you want to enhance the privacy and beauty of your home, call Tyler’s #1 wood fence installation company. Tyler Fences knows that your wood fence installation cost doesn’t need to break the bank. We will work with you to get a fence that meets your needs and your budget.

Wood Fence Repair – Wood Fence Repair is very important to us as well. Sometimes you might just need a couple pickets replaced, or maybe just one wood fence panel. Really there is no fence repair too big or small. We are happy to come out and make sure your fence is repaired properly. Many times a single section of fence can be replaced. Our installers can quickly look at your fence and determine the best plan of action. If we need to replace a small section, no problem. We can cut the damaged section out, and set a couple of new fence posts. When those are dried in and secure, we’ll rebuild the section of fence. Leaving it brand new and probably stronger than when it was new. Tyler Fences has provided wood fence repair in the area for decades. Call us today for your wood fence repairs! (903) 229-9255

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